Statsugiri is a competitive Pokémon data platform focused on the Pokémon Video Game Championship (VGC) Series. Our goal is to provide players with tools for teambuilding and analysis to make informed decisions in their tournament preparation.

Initially known as babiri.net, we are excited to continue building data-driven VGC tools as the game grows. We have taken heavy inspiration from similar sites such as Pikalytics and VGC Stats, who have made massive contributions to the field. A special thanks to Pokémon Showdown for providing the sprites and data to make the project possible.

Statsugiri is an ads-free, open-source project. If you are interested in contributing or learning more, please visit our Github or engineering blog for more details.


What technologies power Statsugiri?

Statsugiri is powered primarily by AWS. The data pipeline runs on Step Functions, Lambda, and S3. The back-end is hosted on Lambda and API Gateway. The front-end uses Next.js hosted on DigitalOcean's App Platform. The infrastructure is provisioned via Cloud Development Kit (CDK) with CI/CD hosted on Github Actions. Detailed write-ups are available on our engineering blog.

How does the PS Teams service work?

Every day, the public replays from top-performing users on Pokémon Showdown are retrieved. The replays are sorted by the user's rating on the ladder. If a user does not have any replays for the format, the next user is retrieved until 100 replays are recorded. Bots are not used to retrieve replays, as only public replays are aggregated.

How can I support Statsugiri?

If you enjoy Statsugiri, please consider supporting our Ko-fi or Github Sponsors. Your support enables our team to work on new features and take care of operational costs.

Why is it called Statsugiri?

Statsugiri is a portmanteau of statistics and Tatsugiri, the False Dragon Titan introduced in the Paldea region. The logo is a silhouette of Tatsugiri's tail.

Does Statsugiri collect user information?

Statsugiri does not run ads to provide a clean user experience. We also do not use cookies to collect user information as Google Analytics would. Instead, we leverage privacy-first web analytics from CloudFlare as a security-conscious alternative.

Contact Us

We are active on Twitter @Statsugiri. We can also be reached by email via '<website>@gmail.com'. Feel free to use either for feature requests or bug reports.

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